Brilliant sunsets across shimmering waters, vineyards spilling from rolling green heights down to the water’s edge, a swimming beach, a tall, stone lighthouse perched atop bluffs, a snug little harbor sheltering fishing boats and sailing yachts, and you need board… more >


Sailing conjures images of placid lakes and windswept seas, billowing white sails amongst a pristine sky with perhaps a day’s end sunset to enjoy. Is this the essence of sailing in Chautauqua County? Yes, and more… When I purchased my… more >


They were worth the wait. Wisps of mist rose from the clear green water of the creek in the early morning chill. Dark forms of fish flitted through the deeper pools from time to time, but none would take the… more >


Westfield has a unique charm that, even after living here for years, can sometimes take you completely by surprise. Maybe it’s unexpectedly catching the sunset over Lake Erie as you descend into the village on Rt. 394 from Mayville; or… more >


Most Westfieldians lead unassuming, quiet lives, untouched by fame or notoriety, and that’s been true since its founding. But once in a while fate taps one of ours for eternal posterity. Here are a few of our residents and friends… more >


We bought our historic 1812 home, “The Judge Campbell House” in November 2006, and moved here from Connecticut in April 2007. Finding this town was seemingly a fortunate accident, but we very soon came to believe that it was an… more >


I like Westfield because of the McClurg Museum. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I decided to move here. My first impression when I toured the museum was that Westfield must have a lot going for it because it… more >


I often let my mind take me places just like this when I sat in my car, on sweltering November evenings stuck in L.A. traffic. I dreamt of a picturesque small town, the kind of small town that only exist… more >


I am an architect and until I moved here a few years ago, I was living and working in a summer resort area on Chautauqua Lake. My studio projects consisted primarily of summer homes for people from other parts of… more >


Small towns have always held a particular fascination for me. I grew up in one, attended college in two of them, lived in or near one for most of my working life and, recently, moved to yet another one –… more >