Great Lakes Life Finds the Good Life On Main Street in Westfield


Once upon a time, Main Street America was the hub of activity for small towns and villages across America. You could find just about anything you needed on Main Street – doctor, lawyer, accountant, movie theatre, and a good diner where you could get a great cup of coffee and hear all the latest gossip.

Westfield, New York, isn’t much different today. Still thriving – Westfield is a true piece of Americana. There is an apothecary, a floral shop, a couple of good pizza joints, a liquor store, a tavern, several banks, several antiques stores, and a couple of really good diners all within walking distance from each other – plus a wonderful independent hospital just down the road.

They are not all of the businesses in Westfield, of course, but the charm of this small town and the ability to know and interface with our fellow small businessmen and women is one of the main reasons we found ourselves moving a little further east.

Westfield is gorgeous, with a beautiful historic town square and flags flying in the summer, but what this small town is doing to draw small entrepreneurial businesses like mine to the area is why we found ourselves nicely nestled 45 minutes from Buffalo and only 30 minutes from our home in Erie.

Not only have my new neighbors been incredibly friendly (people brought me cookies, pizza, flowers, and even a cake in our first weeks here), the local economic groups have worked hard to help us network and access resources for our continued growth.

But one of the best parts of our move is our new space in the ROR Building – a gentrified building located at 71 East Main. Our new offices were the result of an investment by local businessman Ernest Rammelt, who created the space to honor his brother and help the community he loves.

While I am typing away on my MAC and planning our magazine’s growth I can look out my window and see a horse-drawn buggy go by and folks chatting on the corner. Westfield represents what Great Lakes Life Magazine is all about today. Free enterprise and small businesses working together, embracing our past, and building towards the future.

Rena Tran is a Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of Great Lakes Life Magazine.

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