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In 1971, Richard Koenig of Redington Beach, Florida, relocated his family for employment purposes, to Westfield, New York. Having spent his youth in Manhattan, Richard greatly enjoyed the bucolic lifestyle in Westfield, as well as the many recreational activities and reasonable cost of living. Richard soon decided that Westfield was where his own business, Plantrol Systems would be located.

Since 1978 Plantrol has developed software for the business forms manufacturing industry. Software development early on evolved into helping move customers into new technologies. The original market greatly widened and they now assist a wide variety of clients to stay on the leading edge of both business management and information technology in the digital age.

Plantrol is now a leading management software supplier to the forms industry. They have consistently grown and increased their market share since 1978. The totally customized systems are utilized in over 40 business forms manufacturers and distributors, fulfillment organizations as well as other businesses outside the printing industry. From technological expertise through web integration, networking and e-commerce, Plantrol understands their client’s requirements and has proven constancy. Stop by the Plantrol web site if you would like to learn more about the company.

A recent auxiliary venture that has been helpful to area businesses and residents has been their repair service. They can troubleshoot, diagnose, build, service, maintain and repair all PC/Mac hardware and software. They offer on-site or drop off service as well as phone support. Along with this they offer virus protection, networking, emergency data recovery and Internet services.

Plantrol employs a complete team of systems analysts, programmers, accountants, and technical support personnel. Management has found that the Westfield location has given the company an extremely stable workforce. Once employees have located in Westfield, they tend not to seek employment in any other locale. They all express an appreciation of the low-stress life in Westfield, the beautiful housing at very reasonable cost, the excellent public school, low or no commute time (some ride bikes to work), top-notch medical care and easy access to any “big city” offering that might tempt you away for the day. The stability and excellence of the workforce in Westfield has truly been the basis for Plantrol’s success and the fact that they will soon celebrate thirty years in business in Westfield, New York.

Linda Koenig is Plantrol ‘s Office Manager and Westfield resident for 36 years.

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