ServiceMaster by Higginbotham


People rarely achieve success alone. While an individual may accept the accolades alone on center stage, behind the scenes is an unseen support network that helped make that achievement possible. Likewise, Fred and Beverly Higginbotham take tremendous pride and satisfaction in supporting their family business and seeing it and the service workers that support it succeed. Westfield is an ideal place to foster such a family business.

ServiceMaster Clean has become more to our family than we could have ever imagined. With God’s provisions we have received a livelihood of abundant blessings. However, my wife Beverly and I have not accomplished this alone. We owe all the honor and glory to our Lord. He gave us the direction. After we went through many seasons of trials from being hurt on my job as a certified welder, the Lord revealed a new blueprint for our lives.

Beverly actually started out first in the cleaning field back in 1977 when she worked part time for a local ServiceMaster in Ripley, New York. As time went on, I began to help the owner on different restoration projects. In October of 1979, the owner decided he was going to move his family west, so he asked me if I wanted to buy his business. We drew up a contract at our dining room table, signed it and became owners of ServiceMaster by Higginbotham’s.

ServiceMaster by Higginbotham’s is part of the largest cleaning company in the world. We’re your local link to the clean you expect and the service you deserve. We are family owned and operated, and employ a total of 46 cleaning specialists.

We use ServiceMaster Clean processes, products and equipment created and designed specifically and exclusively for ServiceMaster Clean. This unique arrangement maximizes our performance and protects our customers’ property and families. Plus our ongoing training keeps our workers current on the latest techniques and advancements.

Our corporate office is located at 7533 East Route 20 in Westfield, New York, a small community where small businesses can thrive on word of mouth referrals.

We count each and every day on the blessing that the Lord has given us. He has brought us through some stormy weather, but we believe that without those experiences, we would not be where we aretoday.

As I said, we couldn’t possibly do this business alone. Our excellent team of service professionals range from 15 years up to 25 years of service at ServiceMaster Clean.Our eldest daughter Debra K. Higginbotham started out in the cleaning field back in high school. She cleaned our church and the local movie theater. It just continued on into the cleaning world of ServiceMaster Clean.

Our son and daughter-in-law, Fred L. and Ivy Higginbotham, Jr. also serve with us. Ivy is the Residential, Disaster Restoration Coordinator and Fred Jr. provides quality professional cleaning service to our customers.

Our youngest child, Terry, manages and coordinates the Business Service division and Human Resource Department. Her husband, Jeff, works as the business fleet mechanic and technician.

We also have 6 grandchildren ranging from 19 to 25 years of age. Each of them at one time or another has worked in the business. At this time they have all graduated from college and are successfully employed fulfilling their own dreams.

Westfield is a delightful, peaceful village where we have chosen to grow our business and raise our family. The community is a nice go-between the hectic pace of today’s busy world and the feeling of “there’s no place like home!”

I don’t think we’ll ever live in a world without ServiceMaster Clean. So team, keep up the great work; keep making Master Moments happen, keep amazing those customers. You know you’re the best out there!

There’s no place like home in the delightful, peaceful village of Westfield, New York!

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