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When Charles Welch visited Westfield in 1897 and was driven down the hill from Mayville, he experienced the mirage effect of what appeared to be “boats sailing in the air.” That view can still be seen today, and provides the backdrop to one of the most picturesque villages on Lake Erie’s shoreline, Westfield, New York.

Of course Dr. Welch discovered that Westfield was much more than just a picturesque village. Here he found the ideal combination of sunshine, rainfall, climate and soils for growing grapes. But Dr. Welch’s vision went way beyond that.

Here in Westfield, Welch found an abundance of labor with a strong work ethic. And, he discovered that Westfield’s four-season climate is not only good for raising grapes, it’s good for raising families. His family, and his employees’ families enjoyed a rich, fulfilling lifestyle year-round.

Westfield and Welch’s have grown together over the last 110 years. Our strategic location provides Welch’s with easy access via the New York I-90 Interstate, just a mile from the village center. Welch’s has railway sidings and lines connecting it with two major railroad systems, the Norfolk and Southern, and CSX. Buffalo International Airport is an easy one-hour drive away.

Today Westfield offers other advantages that Dr. Welch could not have foreseen, including high-speed Internet connections via fiber optic lines, a Wi-Fi access network, and abundant low-cost electricity, ranking us one of the lowest electric power costs in the country.

Our idyllic community is the home of a number of major corporations. They are as diverse as a frozen pizza manufacturer, a software development company, a manufacturer of mechanical power transmission products, and home-based management consultants.

Why have all these companies chosen Westfield? Because they saw what Charles Welch saw so many years ago — a wonderful place to grow a business, and raise a family. In an age of long commutes, traffic jams, air pollution, high crime rates and the hurly burly of day to day living, Westfield offers a peaceful, unspoiled, quality of life — accessible to the world, but a world apart.

John Rawlinson, retired VP of Sales and Marketing with Renold Inc., is now Executive Director of the Westfield Development Corporation.

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