A former Westfield roadside attraction is attracting some newfound attention these days. Under new ownership, the Theater Motel is tapping into the rhythm of the Westfield community to grow its business. Special rates and packages that coincide with local festivals… more >


Mother Nature has a lot to teach us and Jere Northrop is an adept student. Northrop and business partner Aaron Resnick have developed a technology platform and business model for the sustainable production of contaminant-free fish using a forest-based feed… more >


Walk down nearly any street in the Village of Westfield on any given weekday and, if you listen closely, you will likely hear the click of computer keys. It’s the sound of freelancers and consultants in their home offices and… more >


Charles Ferraro opens a new game with King’s pawn to e4, takes a sip of wine and looks out over his opponent’s shoulder as the setting sun illuminates the church spire across the street in Moore Park. It’s nice when… more >


Trenton Lutes was a senior art student at Hartwick College with concentrations in painting, glassblowing and sculpture when he borrowed an SLR camera from a friend and took a few photography courses. “I’d already met all my graduation requirements, so… more >


Westfield has a unique charm that, even after living here for years, can sometimes take you completely by surprise. Maybe it’s unexpectedly catching the sunset over Lake Erie as you descend into the village on Rt. 394 from Mayville; or… more >


Each year the local grape harvest has its own unique story to tell. There are bumper crops when warm springs usher in summers full of sunshine, giving the fruit a chance to ripen beautifully on the vine. There are other… more >


There are times, especially in the depths of winter, when I go for weeks without seeing Lake Erie. But one of the beauties of living in Westfield is that you know, at a moment’s notice, you can be there. This… more >