This journal will be updated regularly with Chautauqua Creek steelhead fishing conditions, photos and videos.  Please submit your Chautauqua creek fishing photos and we’ll be sure to add them to our journal and steelhead photo gallery. You can read more… more >


The following series appeared on in the weblog written by Lenore Skomal, Gut Check: Making Simple Sense Out of Life, and is adapted here with permission. Learn more about Ms. Skomal at her website or find her on Facebook. June 18,… more >


These are planning days…in these last few days before the summer season kicks into full swing we offer a glance at what the season can hold for Westfield residents and visitors alike. We encourage you to follow the links and… more >


The Cross Roads Farm and Craft Market in Westfield is open again for its thirteenth season. Cross Roads draws thousands of regional tourists and locals each year to provide a powerful marketing tool for the county as well as drawing… more >


One Sunday morning, in March of 1964, I met Bruce Underwood. Bruce’s father owned the Ellery General Store, which was at least five miles from everything. As we drank a soda together, we talked about the opportunity for someone to… more >


Most Westfieldians lead unassuming, quiet lives, untouched by fame or notoriety, and that’s been true since its founding. But once in a while fate taps one of ours for eternal posterity. Here are a few of our residents and friends… more >