This journal will be updated regularly with Chautauqua Creek steelhead fishing conditions, photos and videos.  Please submit your Chautauqua creek fishing photos and we’ll be sure to add them to our journal and steelhead photo gallery. You can read more… more >


These are planning days…in these last few days before the summer season kicks into full swing we offer a glance at what the season can hold for Westfield residents and visitors alike. We encourage you to follow the links and… more >


The Cross Roads Farm and Craft Market in Westfield is open again for its thirteenth season. Cross Roads draws thousands of regional tourists and locals each year to provide a powerful marketing tool for the county as well as drawing… more >


Charles Ferraro opens a new game with King’s pawn to e4, takes a sip of wine and looks out over his opponent’s shoulder as the setting sun illuminates the church spire across the street in Moore Park. It’s nice when… more >


Greeting over 20,000 visitors each year from all over the world (including all of the United States) is one of the highlights of owning and operating the Sugar Shack, located between the Seaway Trail (a Federal by-way) and the high… more >


Trenton Lutes was a senior art student at Hartwick College with concentrations in painting, glassblowing and sculpture when he borrowed an SLR camera from a friend and took a few photography courses. “I’d already met all my graduation requirements, so… more >


Brilliant sunsets across shimmering waters, vineyards spilling from rolling green heights down to the water’s edge, a swimming beach, a tall, stone lighthouse perched atop bluffs, a snug little harbor sheltering fishing boats and sailing yachts, and you need board… more >


Sailing conjures images of placid lakes and windswept seas, billowing white sails amongst a pristine sky with perhaps a day’s end sunset to enjoy. Is this the essence of sailing in Chautauqua County? Yes, and more… When I purchased my… more >


They were worth the wait. Wisps of mist rose from the clear green water of the creek in the early morning chill. Dark forms of fish flitted through the deeper pools from time to time, but none would take the… more >


Each year the local grape harvest has its own unique story to tell. There are bumper crops when warm springs usher in summers full of sunshine, giving the fruit a chance to ripen beautifully on the vine. There are other… more >