A former Westfield roadside attraction is attracting some newfound attention these days. Under new ownership, the Theater Motel is tapping into the rhythm of the Westfield community to grow its business. Special rates and packages that coincide with local festivals… more >


One Sunday morning, in March of 1964, I met Bruce Underwood. Bruce’s father owned the Ellery General Store, which was at least five miles from everything. As we drank a soda together, we talked about the opportunity for someone to… more >


People rarely achieve success alone. While an individual may accept the accolades alone on center stage, behind the scenes is an unseen support network that helped make that achievement possible. Likewise, Fred and Beverly Higginbotham take tremendous pride and satisfaction… more >


Once upon a time, Main Street America was the hub of activity for small towns and villages across America. You could find just about anything you needed on Main Street – doctor, lawyer, accountant, movie theatre, and a good diner… more >


Our company had its beginnings with the first organized co-op meeting of eight local farmers in 1929. These farmers knew the excellent potential the rich soil and moderate Lake Erie climate held for grape production. For over 80 years since… more >


Mother Nature has a lot to teach us and Jere Northrop is an adept student. Northrop and business partner Aaron Resnick have developed a technology platform and business model for the sustainable production of contaminant-free fish using a forest-based feed… more >


Walk down nearly any street in the Village of Westfield on any given weekday and, if you listen closely, you will likely hear the click of computer keys. It’s the sound of freelancers and consultants in their home offices and… more >


These are the best of times and the, well, best of times. No, that doesn’t mean we are without challenges, but we are doing what we love and doing it where we know we are supposed to be – right… more >


Quiet, rural, Westfield New York is one of the last places on earth where you would expect to find an internationally recognized company that manufactures mechanical power transmission products. In 1900, when Dr. Charles Welch moved to Westfield, his vision… more >


In 1971, Richard Koenig of Redington Beach, Florida, relocated his family for employment purposes, to Westfield, New York. Having spent his youth in Manhattan, Richard greatly enjoyed the bucolic lifestyle in Westfield, as well as the many recreational activities and… more >