Blanches Goodie Garden Grand Opening – 6/5/15

Blanches Goodie Garden now at 33 East Main Street is launching their Grand Opening on the FIRST of Westfield’s First Fridays, June 5th, with Ribbon cutting at 6:30 PM.  Katharine “Blanche” Milliman and daughter Tracy Freeman have grown their local business for 22 years. Tracy says “We started with the produce stand which initially was a small folding table with the overflow produce from our garden. Mom hated (and still does!) to throw anything out so that is where the jelly and jam making began…the fruit that didn’t sell at the stand she made into jam instead of having it go bad and thrown out. We are going into our 9th year at Cross Roads. I helped with the stand when I was younger 11-18, then I went away to college. I came back to work full time with mom 5 years ago.”  Join us on Main Street with live Music from local band “Greatest Hits”, food samples and raffles every hour starting at 12 noon,  welcome Blanches Goodie Garden and experience the festivities!

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