Main Auto Wash, LLC
100 W. Main Street, Westfield, NY,   Map It >
Car Wash – All Self Serve
3 Manual Wash Bays
1 Automatic Wash Bay
4 Vaccuums
1 Air Machine
Phone: (716) 640-8876
Fax: (716) 569-2677
Cooke’s Transmission Shop
49 Bird Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >
Phone: (716) 326-3040 ‎
Motor Trendz
7584 East Main Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Motor Trendz is a local, family owned and operated Auto Glass Replacement and Repair shop. From windshield replacements and repairs to rear windows, sliders & mirrors…we can do it all. We have competitive pricing as well as participating will all insurance companies. We can bill your insurance direct and even help you launch your claim! We are also a NYS Automobile Dealership that offers trendy, pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices! We are proud of our service and loyalty to our customers in our community and Chautauqua County! Give Lincoln a call today at 326-4173!

Phone: (716) 326-4173
Fax: (716) 326-7501
Larry Spacc Westfield Resale
7580 East Main Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

We are an auto dealership in the community of Westfield. A satellite store of Larry Spacc GMC in Dunkirk, in business for 55 years. We are excited to be able to serve the Westfield community, by selling quality, serviced pre-owned vehicles.Thank you in advance for your support and patronage.

Phone: (716) 326-3333
Fax: (716) 326-3336
NAPA Auto Parts
7580 East Main Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Wholesale/retail auto parts and supplies for marine, lawn & garden. Martin Senour paint mixed on site, keys made, hydraulic hoses made. Experienced counter staff to answer your automotive questions. Overnight delivery on most items.

Phone: (716) 326-2117