Ribbon Road Farm
8438 Lyons Road, Sherman, NY, 14781  Map It >

Ribbon Road Farm is a fifty acre family-owned farm tucked in the gently rolling hills of western New York, where the winters are long and the garlic is hardy. We use strictly organic methods to grow our hand-cultivated garlics and shallots, which grow big and strong on natural foods and spring fed water. No harmful chemicals or imported diseases.

Our Monster Roasting Garlic is milder than our Gourmet Boutique Garlics, but our New York growing season pushes even these gentle giants to the right of mild. So for those who want a bit more bite in each big bite, ours is the perfect choice. We know that garlic has many medicinal uses, but we just love to enjoy its many unique aromas and flavors …and we hope you will too!!!

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Website: http://www.ribbonroadfarm.com/