More Plans: Westfield Connections

Judging by the traffic viewing the last post about the plans for the harbor, it seems there may be some interest in other planning documents the Town and Village are working on right now. This week we’ll post a series of links to those documents.

The first is the oldest, produced in 2003, for the Westfield Connections project (.pdf). That effort resulted in a punch-list of smaller, individual projects that were relatively inexpensive and could be completed as time and finances permitted.

We take many of the elements for granted now, but looking back one can see that quite a few of the projects have been completed or are in process. Note, for example, the community clock in Moore Park, plantings along the overpass bridges, plantings at the corner of North Portage and Clinton Streets, plantings in front of Family Dollar and CVS, replacement of trees on Main Street, and others. The Town is working this summer on the parking area and kiosk at the corner of North Portage and Route 5 in Barcelona. The Village was also able to use the plan, in part, to obtain a substantial grant that was used to finish the parking lot behind the R.O.R. building and other Main Street businesses.

Some of the larger elements remain to be implemented, but have not been shelved, either. The Chautauqua Greenway idea, for example, would significantly improve the quality of the life in the Village.

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