Welcome to the Fall 2011 WestfieldNY.com Newsletter! Summer may be officially over, but with the exception of cooling temperatures, you wouldn’t even know it.  The events, natural beauty and high quality of life here in Westfield remain. With Halloween trick-or-treating,… more >

So Much To Do, So Much To See Successful towns are always greater than the sum of their parts and that truth was front and center as an ad hoc committee of community members set out to “brand” Westfield a… more >

Welcome to the Winter 2010 Westfieldny.com Newsletter! There is a particular beauty to the winter season on New York’s “west coast”. It is a season of stillness and introspection. The sun hits ice-covered vineyards and creates a landscape of glass…. more >

Welcome to the first issue of the Westfieldny.com Newsletter! Autumn in Westfield is truly a feast for the senses. The heady aroma of grapes is in the air. The never-ending rows of picture-perfect vines juxtaposed against brilliant red and gold… more >