Route 394 Art Corridor Gallery Walk in Chautuauqua, NY Friday July 20th

North Shore Arts Alliance
The Rte. 394 Art Corridor Gallery Walk will be held Friday, July 20, from 6 pm – 9 pm. Four local galleries will participating in the Art Corridor Gallery Walk to encourage art awareness and exposure to residents and tourists.  The Art Loft, Patterson Library Octagon Gallery, Portage Hill Gallery, and Reno Pottery will open their doors simutaneously July 20, 6 pm -9 pm for this group event.   Artfully presented Tapas refreshments will be served at each gallery free of charge for this event.  Nancy N. Ensign of Patterson Libraray Octagon Gallery feels that, “Each gallery has something very special to offer.  This is a great opportunity to engage with more people around art.  Hopefully this event will build excitement and peak the interest of those who would not ordinarilty walk into a gallery.”

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