WBFO Features Westfield’s Bedell-Lincoln Story

It was 150 years ago that Abe Lincoln was elected President. This morning WBFO, Western New York’s National Public Radio station, brought the story of Grace Bedell and Abe Lincoln to area listeners.

Westfield’s Grace Bedell, at the age of 11, wrote a letter to then-candidate Lincoln and suggested he consider growing a beard, advice that Lincoln took to heart. On his way to Washington Lincoln stopped in Westfield and met Grace, a meeting captured by the statues at the corner of Route 20 and 394.

It is a well-known story in Westfield and a one that we love to see shared regionally and nationally. Click here to hear the WBFO story: http://www.publicbroadcasting.net/wbfo/news.newsmain/article/0/1/1715196/WBFO.News/Abe.Lincoln%E2%80%99s.Chautauqua.County.connection

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