Welcome to the New WestfieldNY.com

You can see that we’ve done a little painting and re-arranged the furniture since you were here last, thanks to the support of the Town and Village of Westfield and a lot of volunteer hours.

We’ve added new useful functions like the real estate listings and business listings. We’ve added a community blog that will be updated frequently with new content, and which you can follow on the Facebook page “WestfieldNY.com” (just click “like”) and/or on Twitter at “WestfieldNY”. If you had a favorite article from the old site they are still here, mostly, in the new article library.

Our goal with this re-design is not to just make the place look better, but to lay the foundation for a dynamic and interesting site with a lot of community involvement and interaction. More on that later. For now, make yourselves at home.

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