Mogen David Wine Corporation
85 Bourne Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >
Phone: (716) 326-3151
Moore Images Photographic Services
North Gale Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Complete photographic services – including Advertising, Industrial, Real Estate, Architecture, Location Portraiture, Small Products and Fine Art Prints. Complete photoshop retouching, manipulation, restoration, image repair, file preparation and printing services.

20+Years of experience. Check out

Phone: (716) 664-1416
Motor Trendz
7584 East Main Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Motor Trendz is a local, family owned and operated Auto Glass Replacement and Repair shop. From windshield replacements and repairs to rear windows, sliders & mirrors…we can do it all. We have competitive pricing as well as participating will all insurance companies. We can bill your insurance direct and even help you launch your claim! We are also a NYS Automobile Dealership that offers trendy, pre-owned vehicles at affordable prices! We are proud of our service and loyalty to our customers in our community and Chautauqua County! Give Lincoln a call today at 326-4173!

Phone: (716) 326-4173
Fax: (716) 326-7501
NAPA Auto Parts
7580 East Main Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Wholesale/retail auto parts and supplies for marine, lawn & garden. Martin Senour paint mixed on site, keys made, hydraulic hoses made. Experienced counter staff to answer your automotive questions. Overnight delivery on most items.

Phone: (716) 326-2117
Nass Daylily Farm
8539 Hardscrabble Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Over 350 varieties of daylilies in an idyllic country setting. Open Friday through Sunday (and by appointment) from June through August.

Phone: (716) 326-7572
Nate Terrill Excavating
275 East Main Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Excavating work, ponds, gravel, dump trucking services, hauling, and more!

Phone: (716) 326-7618
National Grape Cooperative
2 South Portage Street, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

For more than 50 years, the economic well being of National Grape Cooperative members has been the reason for the existence of Welch’s, the world’s leading marketer of Concord and Niagara based grape products.

Composed of over 1,282 grape growers located in Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Ontario, Canada, National Grape is the sole owner of Welch’s. The two organizations operate under a two-board system; we at National Grape focus on delivering grapes of outstanding quality, while it is Welch’s role to convert our grapes into food products that satisfy the needs and tastes of consumers, both in America and abroad.

But National Grape is more than just an organization of grape growers. It’s a way of life with strong family ties, a proud heritage, and a commitment to quality and goodness you can taste in every product bearing the Welch’s name.

Phone: (716) 326-5200
Nifty Thrifty Girl
23 E. Second St., Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Interior painting, decorating ideas, room layout, furniture refinishing/re-purposing, custom pillows/curtains. Call for a free estimate.

Phone: (716) 326-6834
Noble Winery
8630 Hardscrabble Road, Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >

Offering spectacular views of Lake Erie and the surrounding countryside, Noble Winery is located on a 189-acre grape farm that has been owned and operated by Pete Noble since 1979. They specialize in estate-style wines. The winery is open 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. every day of the week and all year round.

Phone: (716) 326-9463
Northern Chautauqua Canine Rescue
7540 North Gale St., Westfield, NY, 14787  Map It >
NCCR is a non-profit rescue group formed to help the neediest dogs and puppies in our area.  We are a no-kill shelter.  Helping dogs adopt a human.
Phone: (716) 326-PAWS