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Westfield has long been an attractive location for entrepreneurs and manufacturers. With one of the few harbors in New York on Lake Erie, direct access to Interstate 90, two major state highways and two railroads, Westfield offers exceptional access for today’s businesses. Westfield is a forward-thinking community with the technology infrastructure required to get the job done for business of all sizes – from the home based business to the large corporation. Read Articles >

Concord Grape Heritage
“Growers [Cooperative] has to compete in an ever changing and volatile worldwide food supply chain. Our resourceful local work force, relatively low municipal electricity costs, and abundant municipal water and wastewater capacity help keep our business competitive.” more >

Cottage Industry
“Walk down nearly any street in the Village of Westfield on any given weekday and, if you listen closely, you will likely hear the click of computer keys . . .the sound of freelancers and consultants in their home offices . . . ” more >